#9 Quantified Self Data Sources


Social Media Tracking

  • Gyroscope


Fitness Tracking

  • Fitbit Charge 2
  • Fitbit Aria Smart Scale

Activity Tracking

  • RescueTime – Digital device based
  • Moves – Location based

Voice Tracking

  • Amazon Alexa Echo

Food logging

  • Gyroscope – restaurant recognition
  • Fitbit food logging

Mood logging

  • Daylio – mobile app for mood logging
  • Alexa Echo – speech recognition

Eye tracking

Tobii Pro Glasses is similar to Google Glass Explorer Edition, but has a focus on eye tracking.

Surrounding sensing

Ambient Sensing

  • UHOO – ambient sensing device and dashboard

WiFi Sensing

  • WifiAngel – Visualisation and soundification of the WiFi around a user


North Sensing

  • North Sense – a wearable device that vibrate when you face the north.


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