#7 Google Glass Reviving

Quietly, Google Glass is coming back this July under Google’s (now Alphabet’s) X division (the company’s experiment product division) . The previous Google Glass was an expensive experiment of Google. Graduated from Google’s X Lab (the predecessor of Google’s X division) in 2015, the Google Glass project was suspended due to social rejection. The discomfort of the people around the glass is so tense that the Google Glass wearer at that time were given the name “Glasshole”. In front of the criticism and rejection in the public, Google had to temporarily stop the Glass project.

After 2 years, Glass is back. Interestingly, Google named the new product “Glass” without “Google”, showing less connection to the very controversial predecessor. Apart from the change in the name, the new version targets at professional uses rather than personal use. Currently, the website only shows Glass Enterprise Edition, which is advertised as end to end business solution for companies like logistics, manufacturing and healthcare.


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